Airsteam Living Napa Valley began as a dream. 

The classic, retro look of a polished, silver, aluminum trailer delivers feelings of a simpler time in American history when taking the family on a “road trip” was a rite of passage each and every summer.  Feelings of  “hitting the open road” and taking a great adventure created a “calling” to escape the day-to-day routines.  It almost seems serendipitous that this “calling” came to be, as our modern world continues to drive our daily lives faster and faster.  We have become slaves to the smart phone and social media apps. 

So began my dream to live the Airstream adventure…each week I began to spend time reviewing YouTube videos of Airstreams.  I began collecting books on the Airstream lifestyle.  And within a year, I took my first step into an Airstream Sales Showroom!!!

I have made many visits to Bay Area Airstream’s Showroom in Cordelia, California each year since 2014.  I am like a “kid in a candy store” in the showroom.  I have spent hours looking at each of the hundred or so units in inventory; I could not get enough.  I wanted them ALL.

Well, I made a commitment to myself that I would not let this dream go; and that I would not allow myself to grow impatient with the process.  I decided to allow my dream to LIVE; I allowed the process to be as slow or fast as it would naturally present itself.

The next step for me was to figure out “how” to pay for a brand new unit.  At the age of 50, and being a professional event planner, not a mechanic or electrician…I thought it best to buy “new” and not have to deal with repairs that would cost me a fortune in service labor.  My inspiration for creating a business out of owning an Airstream came from Autocamp Santa Barbara.  On our honeymoom in February of 2015, we stayed in a vintage Airstream Trailer in Santa Barbara.  It was a wedding gift from a dear friend, Megghen Driscol and her fiancé Brian.  My husband and I were convinced that we were following our dream and that we could succeed.  I spoke with Matthew Hoffman, founder of Autocamp, who had given me some sound advice if we wanted to open a similar Airstream hotel park in Napa Valley. 

Each week I spent several hours working on my dream. 

In 2015, my event company was retained by BottleRock Music Festival to produce the VIP & Platinum Guest Experiences.  This world class, 3-day music festival, hosted in the heart of downtown Napa, for 3-days each late May, was a major anchor for the dream of my Airstream Hotel Park to become a reality.  While creating the footprint for the VIP & Platinum experience for BottleRock, I discovered that the Napa Valley Expo, Fairgrounds, has an existing 25-unit RV park with full hook-ups in the rear of the 26-acre parcel.  Being an active member of my community I am pretty well connected with a lot of the town’s political movers and shakers.  I was privy to the fact that the NV Expo was on State Land, not City or County.  This was a huge benefit, as both the City of Napa and County were not keen on my idea of introducing a Trailer Park to their world class, luxury, wine and food destination.   I spoke with the CEO of the NV Expo, Joe Anderson, and he said my vision was interesting and worth pursuing. 

Over the course of the next two years, I established a relationship and became a stakeholder with the NV Fairgrounds, Board of Directors, and State Contractors developing the long-range plans for the NV Expo.  We were placed in a holding zone, until the priority projects for redevelopment were completed.  We are hoping that we will be in lease negotiations by mid-to late 2019.  And we hope to launch in 2020.

As my 50th Birthday was fast approaching, March 18, 2018, I knew we needed to pull the trigger and purchase our FIRST Airstream asap, as we had a lot to learn about how to manage the maintenance, tow, back up, park, and set up an Airstream for use.  So, on February 19th, 2018, we towed home our brand new 2018, 27’ Globetrotter Airstream.

We decided to be smart and not rush our learning curve.  We wanted to take our time and learn everything we could about owning, towing, and enjoying our new Airstream. 

I began renting our unit to friends, clients, and colleagues that were visiting Napa.  We began towing our trailer to the Russian River and to the Sierra Foothills for weekend and week long trips. 

We are in love with our dream…it continues to unfold…and present me many more stories to share with you.

Today, our Globetrotter is our first and only Airstream.  However, as the business launches and becomes well received, we may be purchasing additional units in the next year to keep up with demand.

We welcome you to escape the “day to day grind”; leave your wifi and cell reception at home, and take to the road for an Airstream Adventure.