Founders (Who are these Guys)

David Aten

I discovered Napa Valley in 1995, by falling in love with my now husband, Guy Barstad. This world-class destination, well known for great wine, food, hospitality, and entertainment has offered me a wonderful life. My talent for creating memories of a lifetime through special events has introduced me to a world of amazing, talented people, many from around the world. I built David Aten Events here in Napa Valley; capitalizing on my talent to exceed client expectations and deliver civilized, sophisticated, luxury-lifestyle events.

Napa has not always been home to me.  Born in Mt. View, California in the Spring of 1968, my father’s career in the United States Army, took me on adventures of a lifetime. Traveling every 3 to 4 years around the United States and Europe definitely deepened the adventurer within me.  My parents were children of the ‘60’s and adventure was their middle name.

Albeit I longed to have one place to call home, the travel bug has never left me. I often visit friends and family in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and Oregon.  The Hawaiian Islands became a special place for me after my first visit.  The Big Apple, New York City, is an adventure unto itself. Las Vegas to New Orleans…I have visited often.  It’s an insatiable desire to travel, absorb the local culture, visit history, view architecture from different locales, and to see what mother nature has given all of us to indulge in from the Grand Canyon to the Sierras to the California Coast line.

My adventure continues until the day I can no longer breathe!


Guy Barstad

A naturally happy, funny personality, Guy has established himself as one of the most talented hospitality professionals in the Napa Valley.

Born to Napa natives in the Winter of 1959, Guy grew up witnessing this great place grow from a quiet agricultural region focused on Walnuts and Prunes to the world-class wine growing region we all know today.

Never much of an adventurer, Guy’s roots run long and deep in Napa.  His parents went to Napa High and raised their four boys in this quiet, “Mayberry-like” town.  Summer day trips to Lake Berryessa and to the Delta are fond memories for Guy. 

At the age of 14, Guy began his career in the restaurant industry, working at the Carriage House Restaurant [now owned by the Wine Spectator Magazine]. Time for adventure became a rare opportunity for the next 4-decades as Guy became the most well respected and longest running General Manager in Napa restaurants.

With the help and push from his husband, Guy loved the times that he could join David on an adventure. As the Airstream dream was introduced, Guy fast fell in love with the idea. It wasn’t’ long before Guy and David shared the dream…and now the adventure.